Creating a cleaner and more prosperous economy for all Californians

Our mission

For decades, California has set the pace for clean economy and climate policy nationally. In recent years, that clean economy leadership has come under threat from a resurgent fossil fuel lobby in Sacramento. We need new and dynamic clean economy political leaders to put California back on the right track, leading the country and the world in creating a cleaner and more prosperous economy for all Californians.


We will recruit those with a demonstrated track record of success building the Clean Economy to positions of political leadership in California


We will help California's emerging political leaders develop their capacity to influence policy outcomes, and build the statewide networks they will need to succeed


We will mobilize our community to actively support the careers and aspirations of California's most promising Clean Economy political leaders.

Support California's Clean Economy Political Leaders

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We have put together a team with a deep experience in Clean Economy business and politics:

Nicholas Josefowitz

Nicholas Josefowitz

Founder & Executive Director

Nicholas is the Founder and Executive Director of Leadership For A Clean Economy. Nicholas brings a deep understanding of the clean economy business community. He founded and led RenGen Energy, a solar power plant development company; was appointed by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to sit on its Environment Commission; and is on the Dean’s Council of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard

Rachel Van Wert

Rachel Van Wert

Political Director

Rachel Van Wert is the Political Director for Leadership for a Clean Economy. Rachel brings experience in campaigning and electoral politics. She served as the Political Director for Carol Shea-Porter's successful 2012 campaign for U.S. Congress; and supported federal environmental crimes prosecutions at the U.S. Department of Justice, earning two awards from her agency and a Silver Medal from the EPA for outstanding service.


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